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Food & Drink[edit | edit source]


  • Whole Foods - A few blocks away
  • Good Life Grocery - Up the Arkansas hill on 20th Street


  • Sunflower - Two blocks up hill on 18th Street. Vietnamese, solid lunch specials.
  • Goat Hill Pizza - Two blocks up 18th Street. Sourdough pizzas, including vegan options. Lunch specials.
  • Louie's - Block away. Solid spot to grab a burger, fries, etc.
  • Wolfe's Lunch - Two blocks. Diner with large portions and American and Korean eats!
  • JB's place - Breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, and some Greek food.


Sequoia Fabrica usually has coffee and tea, but if you want to get out, here are some nearby options:

  • Magic Donuts & Coffee - On the other side of our block on Mariposa. Coffee. And fancy donuts! How can you go wrong?
  • Farley's - Up the hill on 18th St. A cute parklet, wonderful magazine selection, and lots to places to sit. No wifi.
  • Linea - Mariposa and Texas, cute cafe, not very much seating, has a small outdoor parklet
  • Philz - 17th and De Haro


  • Thee Parkside - Eclectic SF bar with a nice back patio and live music many nights. Food (burgers, wraps, fries, etc). Veggie/vegan options. All ages during the day and some shows. CASH ONLY.
  • Bottom of the Hill - Legendary SF music venue and bar. Some shows are all ages, double check.
  • Bloom's Saloon - Neighborhood bar up 18th, small patio, good dogs.
  • Connecticut Yankee - Lively sports bar with lots of seating including out front.
  • Anchor Taps - RIP, maybe it'll return some day.

Supplies[edit | edit source]

  • ARCH Supply! 1490 17th. On the other side of Jackson Park. Great shop with tons of art and modelling supplies including things you can laser with.
  • Hardware Store - There are stores that sell door knobs and a few specialty shops for contractors, but, weirdly, there are no general purpose hardware stores nearby. Center Hardware on 3rd & Cesar Chavez, Discount Builders, or Lowe's may be your closest options.
  • Fabric - Try Discount Fabrics on the other side of Potrero Hill (at Cesar Chavez) or Fabric Outlet at 17th and Mission.
  • Tech - Nothing nearby but Central Computer in SoMa sells computer parts, cables and adapters, 3d printer filament, Raspberry Pis, and a limited selection of other electronics. Best Buy is not far either.

Community[edit | edit source]

  • Potrero Hill Library - We're 2.5 blocks away. Just walk up Arkansas and turn left at 20th! Check out books, make copies, enjoy the view!
  • Potrero Hill Rec Center - Keep walking up Arkansas street and you'll run into the rec center! Tennis courts, a playground, and, more.
  • Jackson Park - On the other side of our block! Mostly sports fields, has a nice playground.