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Automation[edit | edit source]

To help operate our equipment and space in an automated and consistent way, we use a variety of space automation technologies to add digital interfaces to our real world.

Smart Plugs[edit | edit source]

We have a variety of smart plugs based on Sonoff S31 plugs. These are ESP32-based and are generally reflashed with the Tasmota firmware. This firmware allows us full control over the hardware without any cloud services.

How to reflash these plugs is documented in Smart Plug Hacking

Listing[edit | edit source]
Plug Name Attached To Web Interface
SmartPlug001 prusa-2 3D Printer
SmartPlug002 xTool Laser
SmartPlug003 prusa-1 3D Printer
SmartPlug006 Lamp for prusa-2 Timelapses