Events Hosting

From Sequoia Fabrica

Here lies our documentation for hosting events at Sequoia Fabrica. Events and Workshops will be run every week, so we require a smooth system for managing and coordinating these. Sequoia has several Events Partners that host events at our facility, but is not a "Sequoia Fabrica" event.

Outline[edit | edit source]

To host an event, there's a couple steps to take care of in order to prepare

  1. Request event approval by completing this form. We might have some more questions for you, but we try to allow as many events as possible that fit within our policies.
  2. Once we are able to confirm date and time, our Events Coordinator will create an event on our Meetup account.
    • Note for our coordinator: All events should be formatted with our Event Description Template, which provides some basic information about Sequoia Fabrica for first-time event-goers.
  3. Before the event occurs, confirm that you have everything you need to run it, and if you do not have membership access, tell us when you need to get into the space to set up. Let us know if you are in need of a co-host.