Guest Policy

From Sequoia Fabrica


Members are encouraged to bring their friends and family to visit and work with them at Sequoia Fabrica. Members are fully responsible for guests they bring to the space. Note this guest policy differs from our Instructor Hosting Policy.

The guest policy is designed to offer members the ability to work on projects with a partner, show the space to friends, colleagues, and family, or introduce someone who might be interested in the space. It is not designed to provide a free access replacement with the same privileges as members.

  • Guests must sign in.
  • Guests should not use machines unattended, and cannot open or close the space. If your guest would like to become a regular user of our workshop, and get their own access token, you should encourage them to inquire about membership!
  • Guests must follow all workshop rules and policies. This includes safety procedures and training requirements, cleaning up after their projects, and being respectful of other members and guests. If guest(s) fail to follow these rules or make others uncomfortable, they can be asked to leave Sequoia Fabrica by any member.
  • Guests under 16 must have supervision of a parent or caregiver. Minors must have a release form signed by a parent/guardian to enter the workshop.
  • Members may not share their key or access token or code with guests.