Help Needed

From Sequoia Fabrica

These are some tasks Sequoia Fabrica is looking for help with! We will place filled roles on the Roles page.

What Description Time Commitment People Needed
Teaching 101 Classes We're looking for Members who'd like to help teach 101 classes in woodworking, soldering, sewing, 3d printing and more. These classes often serve as an introduction for new people to the space and get people excited about using equipment and making! 2-3 hours/class Unlimited
Hosting classes, meetups, open workshop hours We need Members to propose and host classes, meetups, and coordinate open workshop hours. These activities build community, help members and visitors develop new skills, and get Sequoia Fab donations so we can sustain our workshop. 2-3 hours/each Unlimited
Major donor outreach / grant writing Well-versed in grant writing or outreach to philanthropic donors? We'd love your help to access grants and large gifts so we can make our workshop sustainable and expand our work. Variable 1-2
Social Media and Newsletter In search of Social Media gurus. As nerds, we know a lot about algorithms, but not necessarily how to game them to get more followers.

We want to keep our audience up to date about upcoming events, as well as what we offer the community in terms of membership.

1-2 hour/week 1 on Social Media

1 on Newsletter

Events Coordinator Someone is going to need to be an expert in curating our event dates and times. This person will be responsible for updating our Events page upon request, and making sure events don't conflict. You will also have to work with Event hosts so they can get access to BookWhen. 1 hour/week 1