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Our Internet drop is from Monkeybrains and lands in the mezzanine lounge. Monkeybrains generally reaches the rest of the Internet via SFMIX, Cogent, Wave, Hurricane Electric

This connects to a Mikrotik router, Aruba IAP-225 access point, and Home Assistant hub. Wifi networks are Sequoia Fabrica and Sequoia Fabrica 24.

The space was wired with Cat6/6a and Cat5e long ago and there's a much larger network closet in the storage room near the front bathroom which contains a managed Cisco POE switch, switch1.

Ansible for defining what runs on soil and nursery is on github.

Networks and VLANs[edit | edit source]

VLAN Name/ID IP space DNS Zone Name
Monkeybrains / 5
General / 100
Security / 110
General LAN[edit | edit source]

There is a single flat IP network and broadcast domain for this modestly-sized space:

The Mikrotik router acts as a DHCP server and hands out addresses between -

ip device web admin notes the-trunk VyOS VM on soil switch1 Juniper EX2200-C (always-on PoE switch) ap1 Aruba IAP-225/APIN0225 ap2 Aruba IAP-225/APIN0225 soil Proxmox Virtual Machine Host nursery Ubuntu VM for hosting in-space applications wifi Aruba Virtual Controller IP soil (IPMI) IPMI Interface of soil server homeassistant http://homeassistant.local:8123 Home Assistant Green with Zigbee module
Security LAN[edit | edit source]

There are some security devices in use inside the space. Currently, this is just PoE IP cameras with no microphones attached.

This uses IP space (which is currently only reachable via Tailscale and Nursery)

Frigate is running at

IP Name Description the-trunk (eth0.110) Router for the LAN nursery (ens19) Application-hosting VM (on soil), runs Frigate cam-1 Floating Amcrest Bullet-shape Cam. Currently watching prusa-2 or the rollup door cam-2 Amcrest Bullet-shape Cam. Watching the inside of the vestibule door.

Telephone Network[edit | edit source]

There are two red analog telephones in the space. These are driven by Grandstream HT801 ATAs to put them on the network.

An asterisk instance is running on nursery, to which the telephones are registered.

Currently, only calling between the telephones is supported. One uses extension "100" and the other is "101"

Available Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Juniper EX-2200
    • 48x ports GigE copper, 4x ports GigE SFP
    • Idle Power Draw: 20 - 27 Watts
  • Cisco SG300-28PP
    • 48 ports of PoE+ GigE copper. RS232 port seems unhappy.
  • Juniper EX-2200-C
    • 12x ports GigE copper (PoE+ / 802.3at), 2x ports GigE combo Copper/SFP
    • Idle Power Draw: 15 Watts