Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure


Sequoia Fabrica is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity and community organization. Our EIN is 93-4496044. We are 100% volunteer run, have no parent organization, no endowment, and are funded by contributions from members and the general public.

Our Members meet regularly to discuss matters that affect the whole community. Members can propose topics for discussion during meetings and influence the direction of Sequoia Fabrica. Members have keys to our space, lead workshops, and steward Sequoia Fabrica.

The Board guides the strategic direction of our workshop and our Officers are empowered to make executive decisions to complete necessary tasks and ensure Sequoia Fabrica runs smoothly.

Groves are project groups, made up of interested members, to manage areas of our workshop. Groves are delegated authority to handle day-to-day needs. For example, a Laser Grove might be responsible for safety and maintenance of a laser cutter.

Board & Officers

  • Max - President
  • Emeline - Treasurer
  • Maggie - Secretary

We hope to add additional board members once we establish and stabilize the organization.

To contact the board you can email