Safety Policy

From Sequoia Fabrica

Safety of our members and visitors is paramount. Sequoia Fabrica has zero tolerance for harassment of any kind, as discussed in our Code Of Conduct.

Beyond this, if someone behaves in a way that makes you feel unsafe or unwelcome at Sequoia Fabrica, you may ask that person to cease their behavior or leave the space. If you need help doing this, seek out support of others to back you up.

If you are asked to leave, pack your belongings and leave as soon as possible to de-escalate the situation.

If a conflict requires further discussion, or you believe there is an ongoing safety issue at Sequoia Fabrica, please reach out to the Board at

Access to the space[edit | edit source]

Sequoia Fabrica is open to the public for scheduled tours, hosted workshop hours, classes and events only. At all other times the workshop is members only. You are never under an obligation to let someone into the workshop.

Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco Policies[edit | edit source]
  • Members and guests are not permitted to use any tools whatsoever while impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Smoking and Vaping is prohibited indoors and within 25 feet of doors and windows.