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Saplings (aka Children)

What To Expect[edit | edit source]

Sequoia Fabrica is an active workshop with hand and power tools, industrial machinery, and sensitive fabrication equipment.

There are things in this environment that could be dangerous if misused or if children are left unattended. You may encounter loud or strange noises and bright lights.

Our space is small, so we ask that people park bikes and e-bikes outside.

Responsibility[edit | edit source]

Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety and supervision their children at all times. Sequoia Fabrica does not serve in loco parentis.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Sequoia Fabrica resources for makers families with children:

  • Two play pens (one metal and folding, one soft and collapsible)
  • A changing table
  • One fixed baby gate (seals off the front area from the offices, woodshop and textile workshop)
  • Two small tables
  • Children's toys

Toys[edit | edit source]

  • Legos and bricks
  • Hot Wheels cars
  • A fake cell phone
  • Wooden trains
  • Toddler activity tree
  • Drill press play toy
  • Bespoke (sometimes interactive) childrens toys made by our members
  • A handful of childrens books
  • Art supplies
  • Doll house

Spaces[edit | edit source]

The front area of our workshop and the mezzanine office are areas designed to support flexible programming.

Our front space is ideal for larger gatherings and has a fixed baby gate at the hallway entrance.

Our mezzanine office offers some respite from machines and the noise of the workshop.

Sequoia Fabrica is one block from Jackson Playground and two blocks from the Potrero Hill Library branch. The Mason apartment complex next door has a walkway for exploring.