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The Woodshop's main workbench while it was being built

Because of restrictions on space, the Sequoia Fabrica Woodworking Grove takes a bit of a non-conventional approach in regard to tool offerings. With care for detail and choice of tools, we aim to provide the capabilities of a larger shop while working in a smaller space.

Tools[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of tools known to be available at the space. Expect this to change over time. Is there something you wish was in the space but isn't? Consider donating.

Sequoia Fabrica's Tool Wall is one of many examples of members using their ingenuity to solve space constraints and find solutions to tools storage that remains organized even when used by many different individuals.
  • Makita Cordless Track Saw (XPS01PTJ) with various track sizes and guide rail square
  • DeWalt Cordless Random Orbital Sander (DCW210 TY2)
  • DeWalt Cordless Drill (DCD709)
  • DeWalt Cordless Impact Driver (DCF895)
  • DeWalt Cordless Router (DCW600)
  • DeWalt Cordless Jigsaw (DCS334)
  • DeWalt Cordless Oscillating Multitool (DCS356)
  • DeWalt Cordless 6 1/2" Circular Saw (DCS565)
    • Includes Bora NGX Clamping Straight Edge Guide
  • Cordless Dremel Rotary tool
  • A variety of Stanley hand planes
  • Various rip saws and dovetail saws
  • Various screwdrivers, hammers, clamps, drill bits, etc

Use Policy[edit | edit source]

Most woodworking tools can cause serious injury if not used with care. Even hand tools like chisels should be used with caution. Check in with a maintainer before using our woodworking tools. If you are already familiar with woodshop tools, checking in is a courtesy done to show you will respect our space and its rules.

Borrowing Tools[edit | edit source]

Some equipment may be borrowed under certain circumstances. Before borrowing, it should be approved by the Grove members, and you should provide an expected date of return. Other Groves might have different rules, or disallow altogether the borrowing tools, so make sure to check with them first.

Loaning Tools[edit | edit source]

If you would like to loan a tool or tools for woodworking, please complete our equipment loan form. Completing the form does not guarantee we will accept the loan. Please wait for a response before leaving at Sequoia.

Donations[edit | edit source]

If you'd like to donate equipment in kind, contact a maintainer. Don't assume we can take the donation.

Materials are rarely accepted. We have limited space as it is for project storage, it's very taxing on our facility to store inventory. If you have something you think is special, and would be immediately useful, contact a maintainer.

Project Storage[edit | edit source]

Our space is limited, especially in the woodworking area. The woodshop is not a good place to store projects. If you have something in progress and you need to store it temporarily, the best place to do it is under the Mezzanine. Put your name and the date on the project, and make sure it doesn't sit untouched for long stretches of time.

Class History[edit | edit source]

This is an incomplete list of some of the classes that have run at Sequoia by the Woodworking Grove.

Maintainers[edit | edit source]