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Membership Process[edit | edit source]

Each member must go through a few steps before being fully approved.

  1. Application is received
  2. Weekly, The board of directors meets or asynchronously reviews applications and places in “Pending” or “Rejected” Status. Member applications may be rejected if we don't have enough information about an applicant to move forward, or if there have been bad experiences with the applicant in the past that demonstrated unwillingness to follow the Code of Conduct or other concerning behaviors. Usually, you can expect your application to be moved to a pending status, possibly following a few followup questions.
  3. Pending Applicants will be emailed and asked to schedule an orientation/interview with an existing member. This is not a job interview, it's just our way of getting to know future members. We are a physical place, so it's good to meet in-person.
  4. Assuming there are no concerns from either the applicant or the members, we will follow up asking the applicant to set up their membership dues. This is done typically through Open Collective, our donations platform.
  5. After membership dues are set up the application is complete, and marked as “Approved.” All memberships start out as provisional.