Volunteer Hosting Policy

From Sequoia Fabrica

Volunteers get more access to the space than Guests, but not as much as Members. We operate on a hosting system where Volunteers may come use the tools and space resources outside of classes when a member takes on the responsibility of hosting them. Hosts are expected to make sure the volunteer is not abusing the space and leaves when they leave.

Example[edit | edit source]

Situation[edit | edit source]

Logan volunteers in the Woodshop by sharpening the shop tools and showing others how to do the same. They are building a piece of furniture for their apartment. Max is a Member and helps maintain the Woodshop. Logan runs a class monthly, and they have asked if anyone would host them in the space over the weekend to finish their furniture project. Max agrees to let Logan use the Woodshop on Sunday from 2-6PM.

Expectations[edit | edit source]

On Sunday, when Max lets him in, Logan may use all tools he has been approved to use, same as a member. However, if Max has to leave early and no other present member wants the responsibility to host Logan, Logan will also have to leave.

Same as other members, Logan cannot use tools that require training they have not taken. What is considered restricted is determined by the Groves.

Logan does not get to store projects or tools at Sequoia Fabrica.